Affiliation A Two Way Learning Experience Connections with, and commitment to a variety of institutions over the years have strengthened Suzanne’s resolve to actively contribute to the arts and at the same time it has continued to inform, enlighten and engage her. She is active on several Boards. Read More >
Vision Bringing Access to Art “My theory is to build it up and make art more about, 'Wow, this is an incredible experience that's part of everyday life' instead of something you have to go out of your way to do." as quoted in "Alumna's passion for art and philanthropy betters campus" by Jessica Stark Read More >
Intersection Defining Preservation Activist

Suzanne Deal Booth envisioned the Friends of Heritage Preservation, a non profit organization, to respond to critical preservation needs in the United States and abroad. With her husband, David G. Booth she  also founded the Booth Heritage Foundation, that focuses on educational, cultural and artistic philanthropy. Read More >